2017 Palouse Basin Water Summit keynote speaker

Patricia Mulroy

Senior Fellow for Climate Adaptation and Environmental Policy, Boyd School of Law, UNLV
Practitioner in Residence, Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution at the Boyd School of Law

Expertise: Water resources policy, Colorado River Basin resources, Water Resource technology

A leader in tehe international water community for more than 25 years, Pat Mulroy serves as a Senior Fellow for Climate Adaptation and Environmental Policy and also as a Practitioner in Residence, Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution at the Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). She also holds a faculty position at the Desert Research Institute (DRI), where she serves as the Maki Distinguished Faculty Associate. Mulroy also serves on the Wynn Resorts Ltd Board of Directors.

Between 1989 and early 2014, Pat Mulroy served as General Manager of both the Las Vegas Valley Water District, a municipal purveyor serving more than 350,000 accounts, and the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA), the regional agency responsible for acquiring, treating, and delivering water to two million Southern Nevadans and 40 million annual visitors. Mulroy was a principal architect of the SNWA, helping to guide Southern Nevada through an unprecedented period of growth and one of the wrost droughts in the history of the Colorado River.

Her reach in the water community extends far beyond the desert Southwest. She currently serves as a member emeritus of the Wate Research Foundation Board of Trustees. She previously was on the board of the National Water Resources Association and was a m ember of the American Water Works Association. Additionally, she was the original chairperson of the Western Urban Water Coalition, is immediate past president of the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, and has served on the COlorado River Water Users Association's board of directors.

At UNLV's Boyd Schoo of Law and the DRI, Mulroy's focus is on helping communities in water-stressed areas throughout both the Amrican Southwest and the world develop strategies to address increased water resource volatility and identify solutions that balance the needs of all stakeholders. In her faculty role at DRI, Mulroy also will explore the role of technology in optimizing the use of water resources.

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